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Black Woman Leading

Apr 8, 2021

“If you are saying that you are a leader, that you listen to your team and you care about your team, that you want to be innovative and you want to be life-changing and culture-shifting, how can you be a leader and not have that inclusivity a part of it?”

The events of the last year have brought more visibility to Diversity-Equity-Inclusion practices in organizations. For some Black women, this increased visibility has come with increased emotional labor as they find themselves engaged in these conversations in the workplace.

On episode 4 of the Black Woman Leading podcast, I welcome Aisha DeBerry to share her take on how to navigate this based on her work as a DEI practitioner and inclusive leadership strategist.

Guest bio:

Aisha DeBerry is the Executive Director of Diversity and Community Partnerships for the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. She pushes initiatives for equal access for diverse populations to pursue medical professions, such as developing strategic plans to enhance diversity from student admission, faculty recruitment, student faculty staff retention, and all things in between. 

Aisha is also the founder of ADJ Consulting, a consulting firm that provides diversity and inclusion strategies to include research, planning, training, and assessment. 

Resources mentioned in episode:

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