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Black Woman Leading

Jul 1, 2021

In today’s episode, we discuss building relationships in the workplace with Sheilina Henry, Group Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion for Bloomin’ Brands Inc.

Sheilina shares her inspiring story detailing her ascent from a server to the C-suite in the restaurant industry.  She emphasizes the importance of engaging individuals at all levels of your organization, shares insights about rebounding when your trust is violated in the workplace and reveals some of her personal strategies behind cultivating long-lasting professional relationships.  

We discuss tips to assess and build your ‘personal board of directors’ with reflection prompts to guide you: Where do I want to go? Who’s going to mentor me? Who’s going to sponsor me? Who’s going to push me? Who’s going to help me think about things from a different perspective?

Finally, Sheillina shares insights about her personal growth as a Black woman in corporate and the steps she took to navigate tough relationships, reset her own rules, and bring her whole authentic self to work. 


Guest Bio 

Sheilina Henry is the Group Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion for Bloomin' Brands, Inc. headquartered in Tampa, FL. She is committed to creating a diverse workforce in the restaurant industry at all levels, beyond the front lines. Her primary role is spearheading the strategic plan to create a culture of authenticity and genuine connections where over 65,000 team members feel valued without compromising their identities.

Starting as a server and spending decades in restaurant operations, Sheilina's career ascent has taken some unexpected turns, building her toolbox and expanding her network far beyond the Southside of Chicago where it all started.





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